Kamis, 16 Juni 2011


  1. To Guide the development of science and technology that rooted in Indonesia to be contributive for human welfare in general and Indonesian people in particular.
  2. To Find out the scientific truth, in which scientific freedom is recognized and guaranteed, as long as not in contrary to Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution.
  3. To prepare the establishment of Indonesian Academy of Sciences (Academy of Science)

To define the vision, the Deputy for Life Sciences then set the mission as follows:
  1. Providing scientific basis for policy making to keep composed and upheld the law supremacy related to the management of natural resources and environment while paying respect to the local and indigenous wisdom to strengthen the national unity as well as the competitiveness;
  2. Mastering science and technology in connection to the management of natural resources in order to conserve and empower Indonesia’s biodiversity assets as the driver for a fair sustainable development;
  3. Participating in the national intellectual life through the availability of a trusted institution, professional researchers, capable and reliable analysts and other technicians and supporting staff, the accredited research infrastructures, and being a center of excellence in the field of conservation and potential disclosure as well as the improvement of value-added natural resources;
  4. Strengthening cooperation and establishing networking among stakeholders both nationally and internationally in research, conservation, and biodiversity use from the level of ecosystems, populations, species and genes for the prosperity of the people of Indonesia and for the benefit of humanity;
  5. Building a strategic partnership by increasing the community and private sector participation and encouraging local government's role in conservation efforts, potential exploration, increasing the added value, and harnessing the potential of natural resources optimally, fairly, competitively and sustainably through a responsible management to improve the community welfare.

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