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Engineering Science


Food Security and Safety
Food is a crucial matter for human being. Our research in food security and safety has become high priority and is always one of the main focuses of the research centers and technical implementation units (UPT). Development, engineering, and diversification of food products based on highly potential local commodities those are rich in nutrition, and function as additive properties. Activity performed in food area is an accomplishment effort to fulfill public nutrition need.

New and Renewable Energy
More people use more energy. Therefore, invention and development of alternative energy resources (contoh: solar, wind, geothermal, and bio-fuels) and energy conservation are very important as a substitution of limited fossil fuel. Alternative fuel for engine can be made from plants and animal's oil that has great advantages such as increasing engine life, reducing pollutant, and toxic waste; micro-hydro developed as source of energy for electrifying remote villages as well as using fuel cell, that utilizes hydrogen for generating electricity with high efficiency.

Applied Technology
Technology for transport and transportation management, IT and communication and defense and security as well as for environment are the key goals. Researchers are designing transportation system, carriage transmission system, and electrical automobile. Meanwhile, development of information technology and communications is in with development of information technology that include: data-mining based on real time analysis system, system information based on dynamic web, supervision system and real time commemoration for dissociation energy of diatomic generator, biometric technology for presence engine, the application of smart card based on java technology card for storage of medical data, and expansion of radar technology.

On the other hand, research and developments in defense and security technology concentrates on the replacement of imported defense technology with locally produced and to optimize defense and security management, meanwhile research in the environment area optimized environmental management by reducing environmental waste.

Health and Drugs
Healthy country and healthy people are important in building a healthy nation. In order to keep in line with the goals, our health and drugs researchers are based on the utilization of local commodities that highly potential for medical and therapeutics properties. Packaging of products yielded is also the main concern. Better package such as compact (soap), powder, liquid, and capsules gives amenity in usage or consumption. Thus, it will be able to increase their economic value.

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