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Pendidikan Nanoteknologi

Pendidikan Nanoteknologi

Nanotechnology Curriculum Materials

Complete list of Classroom Support Materials

NNIN Instructional Units

Units marked RET were developed by teachers in our Research Experience for Teachers Program

Size and Scale- A measurement Unit

Hydrophilic/Hydrophobic Surfaces- Exploring polarity and chemical bonding (NNIN RET Unit)

Exploring Nanotechnology through Consumer Products - An introduction to nanotechnology through currently available consumer products

Exploring Magic Sand- Superhydrophobic materials unit which explores polarity of molecules

Shape Memory Alloys- Understanding solid state phase transformations

Modeling Self Assembly - A guided inquiry activity that explores molecular interactions and polarity (NNIN RET Unit)

Reading and Analyzing Nanotechnology - Reading and analyzing science -- reading across the curriculum (NNIN RET unit)

Design Challenge - Using a shape memory alloy to teach design concepts (NNIN RET unit)

Catalysis - Exploring reactants, catalysts, adsorption, desorption, and diffusion (NNIN RET unit)

Surface to Volume Ratio - Understanding chemical reactions at the molecular and atomic level (NNIN RET unit)

Scanning Probe Microscopy - An introduction to microscopy at the molecule and atomic scale

Nanotechnology and Cosmetics- A 4 part unit covering Solubility, Emulsions, the Skin, and Ethical issues related to nanotechnology (NNIN RET Unit).

Magnetism and Nanotechnology- Ferrofluids: Liquid Magnetic Materials

Changing conductive properties by Diffusion (NNIN RET Unit)

Effect of Size on Chemical Reactions- The Bigger the Better - Not always True - Exploring Size Effect on Chemical Reaction Times (NNIN RET Unit)

Using Media to Explore Social and Ethical Issues in Nanoscience and Nanotechnologies. (NNIN RET Unit)

Water Purity and Filtration: Nanofiltration-Getting Down to the Nanoscale. (NNIN RET Unit)

The SI System and Nanoscale Science-Develop a working knowledge of the SI System, nanoscale and nanotechnology.

Heat and Solar Energy-Understanding Energy Transfer (NNIN RET Unit)

Building a Rainbow- Exploring Light and Interference Phenonema (NNIN RET Unit)

Introducing LEDs, Thermistors and Transistors- A Lesson in Five Consecutive Parts

Deposition- A unit using electroplating to make thin films (NNIN RET Unit)

Nanobacteria- A lesson on how quickly bacteria grow (NNIN RET Unit)

Metric Measurement- A unit reviewing the metric system and relating the size and scale of objects to various metric units

Understanding Waveguides - A unit on how light travels through media including waveguides for communication. (NNIN RET)

Catalytic Converters and Nanocatalysts - A unit exploring the reactions in catalytic converters and the importance of nanocatalysts (NNIN RET)

CDs and DVDs as Diffraction Gratings - Students will observe the diffraction behavior of light waves between a CD and DVD and examine AFM images of the two disks (NNIN RET)

Hiding Behind the Mask: Introduction to selective layering through etching (NNIN RET)

How Big is a Nanometer? - a unit on scale (NNIN RET)

Part1 - Save the Dinosaurs with Copper and Zinc (NNIN RET)
Part 2 - Synthesis of Nickel Nanowires (NNIN RET)

Nanomotors - Exploring nanoscale propulsion systems (NNIN RET)

Understanding Wave Motion and Power Loss (NNIN RET)

Properties of Fluids (NNIN RET) - two part lab on chromatography and capillary action (NNIN RET)

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